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Innovating Remote Work: Insights from Native Teams’ Daniela Jefremov

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Innovating Remote Work: Insights from Native Teams’ Daniela Jefremov

Innovating Remote Work: Insights from Native Teams’ Daniela Jefremov

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of remote work, the complexities of managing international employment and financial transactions have emerged as a formidable challenge for both employers and employees. Stepping into this intricate arena with innovative solutions and a keen understanding of global employment intricacies is Native Teams, a company revolutionizing how remote work is administered across international boundaries. At the forefront of this transformation is Daniela Jefremov, Head of People at Native Teams, whose expertise and leadership have been pivotal in navigating these challenges. Hailing from Macedonia and now based in North Carolina, Daniela brings a unique perspective shaped by her diverse experiences.

In this enlightening interview, Daniela delves into the core functionalities and cutting-edge offerings of Native Teams. Her insights shed light on how the company tailors employment contracts across various international jurisdictions, ensuring a secure and compliant employment experience. From discussing the empowerment of workers through advanced payment tools and tax management strategies to exploring Native Teams’ innovative approach to payroll processing and the utilization of their multi-currency digital wallet, Daniela offers a comprehensive overview of the solutions that are reshaping the landscape of remote work. Her expertise not only illuminates the challenges faced by international workers but also highlights the robust strategies employed by Native Teams to streamline and simplify these processes, ensuring that both employers and employees navigate the remote working world with ease and efficiency.

Daniela Jefremo

Background and Career Path

Can you share a bit about your background and what led you to a career in HR? Specifically, what attracted you to working in the HR field within a company like NativeTeams that focuses on international employment and remote work?

My journey at the company began over six years ago, long before the founding of NativeTeams.
Initially, I joined as a freelancer, diving into customer support, account management, and quality
assurance testing within webinar platforms. Then, I transitioned into the role of the first Product
Manager, driven by a desire to extend our assistance to fellow freelancers navigating similar

With the team expanding rapidly, my focus shifted towards nurturing a positive company culture
and fostering team development. This prompted me towards HR, taking on the role of Recruitment Manager. Over time, I progressed within the HR realm, eventually assuming the pivotal role of Head of People.

It’s been a fulfilling journey aligning my career with a company committed to revolutionising the
landscape of remote work while prioritising the well-being and growth of its team members.

Challenges and Achievements

In your role as an HR manager, what have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced, and how have you addressed them? Additionally, could you share a few achievements or projects in HR that you’re particularly proud of?

One of the most significant challenges I encountered was laying the foundation for HR at
NativeTeams from scratch. It involved single-handedly shaping HR functions and processes and
eventually building a comprehensive team. In terms of achievements, I take immense pride in
the substantial growth of our team. From a modest beginning of around 10 employees, we’ve
expanded our workforce to a strong team of 170 individuals.

Moreover, fostering a positive company culture has been crucial. Creating an environment where
every individual feels valued and appreciated is also a significant achievement.

Insights on Remote Work and Diversity

Given NativeTeams’ focus on remote work and international employment, what unique perspectives or approaches do you bring to HR management in such a diverse and distributed environment?

My approach to managing HR for a company like NativeTeams revolves around two key areas —
optimising remote work dynamics and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives.
For remote work optimisation, I put emphasis on addressing communication challenges that
could occur in a remote setup. Investing in specialised collaboration platforms has proven quite
helpful for seamless communication and fostering strong team connections despite
geographical barriers.

In addition, promoting diversity and inclusion is a fundamental aspect of my HR strategy. We
actively implement initiatives that celebrate differences and emphasise equality. This involves
scheduling sessions with organisations specialising in these topics to promote awareness and
understanding of differences.

Personal Motivations and Aspirations

What motivates you personally in your role as an HR manager? Also, looking forward, what are some goals or aspirations you have for your career in HR?

In my role as the Head of People, my motivation is deeply rooted in a genuine passion for
working with people. I find inspiration in cultivating an environment where people not only grow
but also feel genuinely valued and appreciated for their contributions.
Looking forward, my career aspirations revolve around improving our employees’ well-being. I
aspire to be actively involved in high-level discussions that shape our organisational strategies,
particularly those centred on fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Additionally,
I plan on implementing talent development programs that nurture our team’s skills, ensuring
they reach their fullest potential within NativeTeams.

Global Employment Contracts: NativeTeams’ Strategy

Can you elaborate on how NativeTeams tailors employment contracts for international
boundaries and ensures a secure employment experience?

Native Teams offers fully compliant EOR (Employer of Record) solutions with legal entities
spanning 55+ countries. Our team of local experts is well-versed in the intricacies of each
country’s employment landscape.

For freelancers, this means a simplified process to obtain employment status and contracts in
compliance with the laws of their residing country, enabling them to work without legal
concerns. Moreover, businesses benefit from the ability to hire employees internationally in a
compliant manner without the time-consuming process of establishing a legal entity in each

Empowerment Through NativeTeams: Payment and Benefits

How does NativeTeams empower workers with payment tools, local employment provision,
tax management, and employee benefits?

Native Teams has a wide array of employment and payment solutions specifically tailored for
freelancers and remote workers. Our suite includes payment tools for seamless transactions,
allowing easy payment requests, client invoicing, an exclusive NativeTeams card, and a
multi-currency digital wallet.

Moreover, our tax management feature ensures individuals grasp their local tax system and
meet their financial obligations confidently. We go beyond by offering freelancers and remote
workers the perks of full-time employment, including employment status, healthcare, insurance,
and pension benefits.

Solving Payment Challenges for International Workers

What challenges do international workers face with payment tools, and how does
NativeTeams simplify these processes?

Working across international borders without the right payment tools can be challenging. Most
international workers have to grapple with currency conversion complexities, transaction delays,
and difficulties in accessing their earnings. NativeTeams addresses all of these challenges by
simplifying the payment process for global workers.

Our multi-currency digital wallet allows international workers to receive payments in various
currencies without the hassle of complex conversions. Transaction delays are dust in the past
with Native Teams’ client invoicing tool, enabling them to receive their hard-earned money with
just a few clicks. Through the NativeTeams card, workers gain easy access to their earnings and
enjoy the convenience of their worldwide acceptance.

Invoice Simplification for Remote Workers by NativeTeams

How does NativeTeams streamline the invoice process for freelancers and remote workers?

With Native Teams’ invoicing tool, freelancers and remote workers can seamlessly invoice their
clients without the need to establish a legal entity. It’s quite simple to kickstart the payment
process — simply input the necessary details, specify the amount, and identify the recipient.
Once the invoice is paid, the funds flow into the virtual wallet, ready for a smooth transfer to the
bank account.

NativeTeams’ Paycheck Access: A New Approach

Can you explain the concept of accessing a portion of the paycheck without waiting for
paydays that NativeTeams offers?

With our Earned Wage Access, users don’t have to count the days until the next paycheck. Our
innovative platform allows them to access the money when they need it most. Users get to
experience financial freedom by deciding when they’re going to access their hard-earned money.
The application process for EWA is straightforward — users apply for EWA through the app;
once the request is approved, we’ll efficiently manage the transfer process. The requested
amount flows through the account and is transferred directly to the specified bank account
without any interruption.
When initiating a withdrawal, our advanced technology will furnish you with all the necessary
details for a successful transaction. Our finance team handles the re-payment automatically
through our payroll system, ensuring a stress-free experience.

The Multi-Currency Wallet: Enhancing Financial Management

How does the multi-currency digital wallet provided by NativeTeams enhance financial
management for users?

The multi-currency digital wallet offers users complete control over accessing and managing
their finances. Users have the freedom to choose how they want to access their upcoming
payments — through our streamlined payroll system or alternative methods.
Moreover, our multi-currency wallet is packed with numerous functionalities, from
wallet-to-wallet transfers and currency conversion to a transparent overview of all your
transactions and batch transfers.

Could you elaborate on the Native Teams’ vault and how it offers opportunities for users to
earn on their stored money?
Through the Native Vault feature, users can safely store the money and earn as they save. EOR
users can tailor their savings by reserving funds for 30, 60, or 90 days and watch their
investment grow.

The longer the reservation process, the higher the profit percentage, directly reflecting the time
the money is held within the account. The best part is that the funds and additional rewards can
be withdrawn at any time once the reservation period ends.

Tax Optimization for International Workers at NativeTeams

What strategies does NativeTeams employ for optimizing tax management for international

Native Teams’ Tax Management tool provides assistance to individuals and businesses to fully
comply with the tax laws and regulations in their residing countries. The feature also
encompasses tax reporting, which provides detailed financial insights into the inflow and
outflow of funds within their Native Teams accounts. Furthermore, users can deduce their
taxable income and, perhaps, their tax liability by utilising tax allowances.

Compliance in Payroll and Benefits with NativeTeams

How does NativeTeams ensure full compliance in payroll processing and employment
benefits for remote workers?

We ensure full compliance through our team of legal experts who specialise in international
employment laws. These professionals stay updated on the latest regulations in various
countries. NativeTeams also customises payroll processes according to the specific
requirements of each country or region. This includes adhering to local tax codes, minimum
wage laws, and social security contributions.

Benefits of the Native Teams Card

What are the key features and benefits of the Native Teams card?

Users get to experience ultimate convenience and flexibility with our Native Teams card. These
cards offer the freedom to make purchases effortlessly, online or in-store, with the assurance of
their widespread acceptance. You can choose between virtual and physical cards to suit your
needs. What’s more, the cards are linked to a multi-currency digital wallet where users can
access all of their financial data.

Seamless Bank Transfers for International Workers

How does NativeTeams facilitate seamless bank transfers and financial transactions for
international workers?

At Native Teams, we have all the payment tools needed to pay or get paid globally. Our client
invoicing tool allows you to send invoices to local or international clients from anywhere in the
world without establishing your own business. Once you’ve received your payment in our
multi-currency digital wallet, you can choose how you want to access those funds.
The Native Teams card is also a convenient and safe way to access your funds. The cards can
be used to make online and in-store purchases, and they are accepted worldwide.

Legal Entities and Employment with NativeTeams

Can you describe the process and benefits of using NativeTeams’ legal entities for
employment status?

Utilising NativeTeams’ legal entities for employment status involves a process where remote
workers or freelancers are employed by NativeTeams instead of being hired directly by the
companies they work for. Companies can easily hire and manage a global workforce without the
complexities of setting up legal entities in multiple countries.

With a global presence in 55+ countries, Native Teams ensures compliance with diverse
international labour laws, tax regulations, and employment requirements. Administrative
burdens such as payroll processing, tax filings, benefits management, and HR-related tasks are
offloaded, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

Managing Complex Taxes at NativeTeams

How does NativeTeams manage complex tax situations for their users?

Any potential challenges regarding complex tax situations are successfully handled by our team
of local tax experts. They possess a deep knowledge of the latest local taxation laws, ensuring
that all tax obligations of our users are met.

Ensuring Fund Security with NativeTeams

What is the approach of NativeTeams towards ensuring strong encryption and security for
users’ funds?

Ensuring our users’ privacy and security is our utmost priority. That’s why we implement top-tier
security systems and compliance measures. All sensitive data is encrypted, and our platform
runs on Amazon Web Services, the leading ‘cloud computing’ infrastructure.

Moreover, we use KYC checks to identify and verify the client’s identity when opening an account
and periodically over time. Other security steps we take include two-factor authentication,
Strong Customer Authentication, and third-party authentication.

Role of NativeTeams’ Local Representatives

Could you provide insights into the role of your local representatives in understanding and
managing practical aspects of employment and payments?

Local representatives play a big role when it comes to providing insights into labour laws, tax
regulations, benefits, and compliance requirements. This ensures that our employment
practices align with local standards.
They are also the bridge that connects us with local government, tax authorities, and regulatory
bodies. So, if an issue arises, it’ll be resolved promptly thanks to their firmly established
connection to local authorities.