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About Us

About Human Resource

Human Resource is a progressive and forward-thinking digital publication focused on redefining the world of Human Resources (HR) and leadership. We believe that the key to successful organizations lies in the strength of their people, and we are here to help you unlock that potential.

Through a rich mixture of insights, strategies, and actionable tips, we facilitate a platform that drives the conversation about the future of work, leadership, and organizational development.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reshape and modernize the perception of HR and leadership. HR is no longer just about hiring, firing, and managing employee benefits; it is about creating a work culture that empowers, nurtures, and drives growth. It’s about building an organization that not only thrives today but is ready for the future.

We aim to demystify the complexities of HR by offering engaging, fun, and most importantly, actionable content. We are driven by a desire to help HR professionals and people leaders navigate the rapidly changing world of work, fostering a community of innovators who aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a one-stop hub for all things HR and leadership. We cover the full spectrum of HR — from hiring and recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, to organizational development and culture. We aim to provide our readers with the latest trends, the most innovative strategies, and the deepest insights into the world of HR and leadership.

We believe that knowledge is power, and by equipping our readers with original, data-driven insights from thought leaders and innovators, we hope to drive a shift towards a more human-centric approach to HR. This includes tackling real-life issues, offering practical solutions, and sharing success stories that inspire and motivate.

Our Audience

Human Resource is designed for anyone with an interest in or passion for HR, regardless of where they are in their career. Whether you are an experienced HR professional, a people leader in a non-HR role, or someone considering a career in HR, you will find valuable insights and resources on our site.

Our audience extends to CEOs, managers, team leads, and anyone else who believes that the key to a successful organization lies in its people. If you’re someone who is excited by the idea of building organizations of the future and understands the pivotal role that HR plays in this, then Human Resource is for you.

Our Team

The Human Resource team is a diverse group of passionate professionals and thought leaders, all united by a shared belief in the power of people to drive organizational success. With backgrounds in HR, organizational development, business strategy, payroll management, and finances, we bring a wide range of perspectives and experiences to the table.

Our team is made up of HR practitioners who have worked on the ground, researchers who delve into the latest scientific findings, and seasoned writers who know how to turn complex ideas into engaging, accessible content. We are all committed to constant learning and growth, and we bring this ethos to our work on Human Resource.

But more than anything else, our team is dedicated to serving our readers. We listen to your challenges, understand your needs, and work tirelessly to provide content that is not just informative, but actionable. We believe in the importance of dialogue and community, and we always welcome your feedback and ideas.


At Human Resource, we invite you to join us in creating a future where businesses thrive not just by the products they create or the services they offer, but by the people who make them possible. Together, we can shape the future of HR and leadership, one insight at a time.

Editorial Team


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Advertising Disclaimer

We do not take our responsibility lightly. As detailed in our editorial guidelines, whenever we make service recommendations, we have done our due diligence, examined all the relevant offerings and determined that this service is among the best on the market.

We make our editorial decisions and recommendations choices internally, with no input by any third parties. Our recommendations include service providers in areas such as payroll, HR management software, performance management software and others.

When a visitor on our site chooses to do business with one of our recommended service providers, we get a referral fee. We receive no compensation for recommending these services — only when our readers hire that service.

We review products and services that are most relevant to our readers. As a result, we cannot and do not vouch for all of these service providers’ offerings.

We will never mislead our readers, such as recommending one service while promoting another in order to receive compensation. Our reviews are honest and unbiased, and our recommendations based on significant research and strong positive experiences.

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